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Hot Yoga, Continued.

Yeah about that….

Suffice to say that my hot yoga experience didn’t really continue. There was some continuation, just not a lot.

Jared and I went to hot yoga a whopping two times during our 30 days of yoga for $30 trial. On the bright side side, financially there was some profit: A drop in normally costs $16 and we went twice, so we each saved $16. Woot!

My excuse? My work out buddy had trouble getting to class (Jared shares a car with his mom and lives 30 minutes away from San Luis Obispo, where the class was held.) I suppose I could have gone by myself, but it was supposed to be an “us” thing for the summer and I couldn’t work up the motivation or desire to go by myself. Also hot yoga classes don’t really work so well when you have other things going on that day. Afterwards you’re a hot sweaty and tired mess. Also food of any kind sounds horrible. Also you can’t really have anything too taxing planned for before hot yoga because then you simply don’t have the required mental/physical energy for class.

Initially I was intrigued by hot yoga and I’m glad I experienced it. But it’s just that an experience, not something I’ll be incorporating into my regular work out. It’s just too hard to fit it in with the daily grind of every day life. Also, the repetition of the class gets old and I’m still skeptical about all the emphasis put on locking your knees.

I’m still into yoga in general though. I’ll be blogging soon about a great yoga class I’m currently attending.

Have you ever been stoked on a new class or fitness product and then lost interest or pooped out?

Also, I need a new yoga mat, a nice thick quality one. Any suggestions? Your input is appreciated.



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Banana Walnut Muffins!

My friend Leandra recently had a divine muffin experience at the Palace Grill in Santa Barbara. Lucky for her (and me) they were selling all of their muffin recipes in one handy dandy book.
We have a tentative goal of working through all of the Palace Grill’s muffin recipes this summer. (So anticipate more muffin posts!) We decided to start with the Banana Walnut muffin recipe.

The recipe is straight forward and simple enough to follow. Be warned: This is not your typical light muffin, but a thicker more dense muffin. It’s very filling and delicious in its own right though.
What’s you favorite type of muffin? Mine’s blueberry. I think muffins make the most perfect mid-morning snack!

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Hot, hot yoga

 I’ve heard about Bikram or “Hot Yoga” for a while now through various articles or friends. There’s a Bikram studio ( in San Luis Obispo, CA about 12 minutes from where I live in Morro Bay. (I moved!)

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Farmer’s Market

I must admit that one of the highlights of my week is heading to the local farmer’s market  every Thursday here in San Luis Obispo, CA. It’s such a treat to me to buy such fresh and yummy produce. (I know, huge food nerd.) And it’s always good to buy local, especially in this economy. And it’s not too pricy. I got everything that you see pictured above for about $13.50. 

I try to mix up my farmer’s market purchases, but every week with out fail I have to have to buy some strawberries. They’re so delicious and strawberries were the one treat I would always beg my mom to get me at farmer’s when I was little. I bought some arugula this week too. Not sure if I like it yet, but I want to, kind of.

Do you frequent your local farmer’s market? What’s your favorite item to splurge on? If you haven’t been recently, check one out near you. So much great stuff is in season. I saw avocados for 25 cents each!